2015 – Listogeddon

As you might be aware, they’ve only gone and changed the numbers on the years again. Those of you with long memories will recall that around this time last year, they dropped the ‘4’ at the end of 2014, replacing it with a ‘5’. Well, apparently the ‘5’ wasn’t working out either so that’s gone and now we have a ‘6’ making it 2016. I don’t know what I make of it. On the plus side, they seem convinced that ‘201’ is still working so that’s something at least. It looks unlikely that they’ll consider ever changing those again, but given recent history, I don’t like ‘6”s chances of still being around this time next year.

Anyway, here’s some things that I enjoyed this year, not necessarily things that came out this year:


The Last Wild/The Dark Wild/The Wild Beyond – Piers Torday

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

After The Crash – Michel Bussi

Dead Girl Walking – Chris Brookmyre

All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett

Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey


Mad Max – Fury Road

Inside Out

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

What We Do In The Shadows

TV Shows


The Leftovers

Jessica Jones

Rick and Morty

Mad Men

The Walking Dead

Better Call Saul


Silicon Valley


Video Games

Elite: Dangerous

Her Story

Rocket League

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/Afterbirth

Battlefield 4

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Grim Fandango Remastered

Death Ray Manta

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