Boyband of the Apocalypse

So the awesome cover for my new book Boyband of the Apocalypse has been announced by @TheDarkDictator

I think it looks incredible! The cover was designed by Sophie Bransby featuring illustrations by David O’Connell, published by the fine folks at Stripes. I’m still waiting to get my hands on a copy but I’ve seen the layouts and you won’t believe the job they’ve all done with it. David’s illustrations are ridiculously good. I mean seriously. Jeezo, they’re good. I almost cried when I saw the drafts. Good crying I mean. And that was just for the drafts. And it’s been great working with my fantastic editor Katie again, who edited the There’s a Dragon in my… books 3-6.

Here’s the blurb:

Sam is just an ordinary boy with ordinary hair. The closest he’s ever come to SUPER-STARDOM is playing the back end of a donkey in the school Nativity play. Then his sister drags him along to an APOCALIPS concert and he overhears members of the band plotting to DESTROY all humanity. Starting with their own lead singer.

Can Sam discover his hidden talents, infiltrate the World’s MOST EVIL Boyband™ and foil their fiendish plan? One thing’s for sure – if he’s going to save the UNIVERSE, he’ll need a bit of help…

Boyband is out on the 1st June. I think I might be more excited about this than anything I’ve ever written. And nervous. And proud. And nervous.

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