There’s a Dragon in My Dinner! is out now!

So happy to finally write these words:

There’s a Dragon in My Dinner! is out!


Thanks to everyone involved – Sarah Horne for her fantastic, hilarious artwork, my editor Emma and all the brilliant, supportive people at Stripes and to my awesome agent Jodie for general awesomeness.

It’s available in most places that sell books. If it’s not then you can try politely asking for them to stock it. If you like. Or get it from somewhere else I guess. Look, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life okay? You do what you got to do.

I’ve been out visiting more schools to promote the books this week. Even though my first visit had gone really well, I was still nervous about these visits. Mostly my fears were:

  1. The kids wouldn’t care what I had to say.
  2. I’d completely forget everything I had to say.
  3. I’d say everything I had to say within the first five minutes and be forced to stall for the remaining time. “Okay kids, who wants me to read chapter 2 for the fourth time?”

Luckily I was fine.

  1. I can’t say if the kids did actually care about what I had to say, but if they didn’t they did a great job pretending they did.
  2. I wrote everything I wanted to say down on some paper then referred to them if I needed it, which I did a few times but less as the events went on.
  3. If anything the opposite was the case. I had to cut stuff on the fly for some events.

The thought of school visits was so terrifying to me at one point that it caught me by surprise how much I actually enjoyed them. I know I’ve still got some way to go before I’m completely comfortable doing them. I’d love to be able to go in without the safety net of notes for example, and I’d love to figure out why my mouth goes so dry half-way through doing a reading, but I’m hopeful that these aspects will get easier with time. Here’s some pictures from some of the events:



school visit - cockenzie3

school visit - cockenzie2

school visit - cockenzie

My favourite moment so far was when a very talented young boy called Daniel presented me with a picture he had made of all the characters in There’s a Dragon in My Dinner!:


Thanks to Liam for looking after me on the visits.

Feedback has been really positive on the book so far:

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