Quick Update

It’s 4 weeks until There’s a Dragon in my Backpack! hits the shelves. So pleased to get my hands on a copy. Even though I already knew what happened. Here’s a picture of it next to There’s a Dragon in my Dinner! because why not?

There's a Dragon in my Backpack!

Book 3 – There’s a Dragon in my Toilet! is done and dusted now, due out August. It’s easily going to be the best book you’ll ever read about Dragons and toilets. That’s a guarantee.

I was also very excited this week when the Guardian published an article I wrote on Terry Pratchett as part of their My Inspiration series. It was such a pleasure to write and a bit of a thrill seeing my name on the Guardian website.

There was also a nice review for Dinner on Lothian Life.

In other news I’ve just finished Daredevil Season 2 and Happy Valley Series 1 and 2. Bloody hell they were a bit good weren’t they?

Yes. Yes they were.

Still playing too much Rocket League too.

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