There’s a Dragon in my Backpack Out Now

There’s a Dragon in my Backpack! (written by me, illustrated by Sarah Horne) is out in shops now. Look here it is in Foyles in that London:

There's a Dragon in my backpack - foyles

And look at that little run of Stripes books. It’s like when those little Transformers used to combine to form a big Transformer. Remember that? Remember before Michael Bay ruined it all? Oh, and there’s Julius Zebra by Gary Northfield who I literally passed about half an hour before as he was painting a window display for Gosh Comics. I was too shy to go and say hello though.

I was down in London this weekend attending the Royal College of Nursing’s RCNi Awards with my wife whose group was up for an award. Which they won! Hurrah. Since I’m not a nurse and was basically only there for the wine and food (and moral support obviously) in the evening, I had the day to myself. And what better way to spend it that a school visit to celebrate the launch of the new book? There is no better way.

So it was off to Newmarket to visit All Saints Primary School. What a brilliant time. We had a reading of the new book and a Q and A with P3 outside in the lovely weather then it was on to a school assembly inside where I gave a rousing, inspirational speech earning a standing ovation. Or perhaps I just rambled on about being a writer for a bit. Who can remember these things? And then I signed some books. Well, not some. A lot. This was the biggest signing I’ve ever had, which was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Miss Bacon and the entire school for having me, it was a blast.

If you’d like to book me to visit your school/library/event then you can get in touch via here.

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