This Year

Yes, that’s it.  Write a post called Doing Writing then fail to write a blog post for six months.  Of course.

To be fair, I have spent a decent amount of the last six months doing actual writing, as in working on edits for my children’s book.  I had hoped to end the year with a book deal in place, all set to rake in countless trillions while receiving universal critical praise, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be for this one.  The general consensus seemed to be that the book itself was good, but that similar titles were due out.  By an odd coincidence I was able to confirm this myself on the very day I received the news, when one of the publishing houses I follow on twitter randomly posted an advertisement for a forthcoming book that sounded spookily similar to mine.

Of course this sucks.  The book was the best thing I have ever written and it was such a blast to write.  From start to finish it was a genuine pleasure to create.  I could have written a dozen more books in the series.  And there wasn’t really anything that I could find like it at the time I wrote it, so I can’t help but feel a little frustrated that there are other books on the way out similar enough to it to prevent it being published.  But Of course it can’t be helped.  Not without having some form of psychic ability to predict future publishing trends, which I do not have.

Still, I can’t be too disheartened.  The book was far from being a wasted effort.  It got me a fantastic agent for one thing, who did an amazing job in helping me improve the manuscript.  I also had the chance to meet with a publisher who provided me with tons of ideas for a rewrite.  The book lived mainly in my head for so long, so it was strange at first to have discussions with people who have not only read and enjoyed what you’ve written, but have actually spent time themselves thinking about how to make it better.  And once you get past how annoying it is that the ideas they’ve come up with are much better than the ones you had, it’s extremely rewarding.  It’s incredible to me how much stronger the book ended up being by the end, than it was when I first sent it off.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The other thing the book gave me was a clear idea about what kind of writer I am and what kinds of books I wanted to write.  It’s funny, I’ve read a lot of people on the internet that are adamant that when writing a novel, you should pursue it till the end, even if it becomes a total slog.  I think they have a point in as much as it’s important to finish book, even if it’s just so you know you can.  If it’s anything like my first novel, the next step is to set fire to the thing immediately afterwards.  But personally, I think I know pretty early in now if something is worth pursuing or not.  Like first chapter early.  I knew early on that my last novel was worth pursuing.  The one before that in hindsight I should have given up earlier.  I’ve written a few first chapters in the last few months and while I liked the ideas in them, none of them excited me like the last novel.  Sometimes I think ideas can take a while to settle in, so there may be something worth pursuing there one day but right now they’re not grabbing me and forcing me to think about them all day.

Not like the novel I’m writing now.  4000 words in the last week and I definitely think there’s something here.  The characters and plot all came to me pretty quickly, really in the space of about a day.  I’m getting ideas all the time for it.  It’s in my head all day.  And I think it’s funny.  It’s making me laugh anyway.  And there is nothing like it out there that I’m aware of.  But we know how that goes.  If you are a writer and you have access to my brain, please don’t steal it.  Again.  Cheers.